Business Executive CentreHong Kong

We are here for you

When you step into the Business Executive Centre, you can sense an atmosphere of friendliness, professionalism and concern.

You’ve got it all covered

Your business reports & proposals, administrative & secretarial, accounting, trade and banking arrangements will be well taken care of at your wish.

A Stress-free experience

Your office up and running on Day One. You have no headaches, we will serve the coffee.

Convenience Counts

You can go everywhere from here. And we’re surrounded by an incredible variety of good restaurants, shops and fitness centres. Everything you need is right here.

A Business Presence

You never miss an opportunity and you’re never out of touch. You enjoy the benefits of an impressive presence in Hong Kong.

Contact Information

13/F, C. Wisdom Centre
37 Hollywood Road, Central

Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2827 7322
Fax: +852 2827 0403

TCSP Licence No.: TC000552